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Best film for 2014 goes to African Gothic, and Audience Choice Award goes to Great Obligation, congratulations to these films!


Royal Theatre screening Schedule:


Invasion 1897

Director : Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Cast: Mike Omoregbee, Charles Chucky, Segun Arinze, Paul Obazele, Charles Inojie

Synopsis: The 1897 invasion of Benin marked the climax in the inordinate exploitation of African and black peoples by the West. This sinister quest began with slavery and later devolved to the famed scramble for African where the entire continent was divided among European world powers then.

90 min.
Nigeria – Drama

WORLD PREMIER Thursday August 28 7pm


Director:Neba Lawrence

Cast: Tanyisong Ebockombu, Emade Queen, Jeffery Kome Epule
Synopsis: Mr Eyor and the family abandons and neglect the roots of the village for many years, without contributing for the upkeep and other demands of the community, this just at the time when the family realises its not good to neglect their roots, something happens to the family that causes so much pain that the only solution will be from their past.

120 min.
Cameroon - Drama


African Gothic - BEST FILM AWARD

Director: Gabriel Bologna
Cast: Chella Ferrow, Damon Shalit, Jonny Coyne, Connie Jackson

Synopsis: After witnessing a horrific crime, a couple tries to bury their traumatic past by constantly reenacting it. When an outsider pays them a visit he gets caught up in their twisted game. They will stop at nothing to keep their secret safe.

Set in Apartheid South Africa, "African Gothic" is a screen adaptation of Reza de Wet's "Diepe Grond".

90 min
South Africa - Drama

The dates for the Toronto African Film & Music Festival is October 19-21, 2012. Stay tuned for ticket information for the film screenings, the fashion show, and our opening and closing parties with live music."

Film selection for 2010

Malcolm’s Echo

a film by Dami Akinnusi
Documentary from South Africa/USA – 84min

Now, more than 40 years after the assassination of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz - Malcolm X, we look beyond the icon and tune into his thoughts, philosophies and actions. Why is Malcolm X as important today as he was back then? This feature hears Malcolm’s Echo through the voices of activists, scholars and everyday people, resonating from the 1960’s into the 21st century, we hear it declare: it is time to define ourselves and create a vision of the future. A global viewing of the film took place on May 19th and aimed to raise the consciousness of everyone watching it, enabling them to tune in to Malcolm’s Echo and be part of the drive to create a positive vision of the future. This consciousness ripple is the notion of raising consciousness through reaching critical mass.

DunDun the Talking Drum

a film by Ibisankale Kayode
Documentary from Nigeria – 52 min
Screening Time: 2:45pm

In Africa southern part of the Sahara, drums are important aged means of communication which revolves round physical and spiritual means. The mystery of talking drums makes contemporary anthropologist to agree that Africa is the root of fundamental Drums. Drum are enshrined in the values and cultures of Africans, DunDun the talking drum believed to have originated from Oyo an ancient town in western part of Nigeria, of the globally accepted intensive genius and creativity of the African arts, DunDun add flavor, color and glamour to events as it facilitates emotional dancing steps with musical and worship attributes.


a film by Demetrius Wren
Documentary from South Africa - 80min
Screening time: 4pm

Streetball is a fast passed documentary that tells the stories of South Africa’s 2008 Homeless WORLD CUP team. The Homeless World Cup is an annual soccer tournament that draws teams from over 56 countries – comprised of homeless and excluded individuals. The South African Squad consists of ex-convicts, former gangsters, orphans and recovering drug addicts that band together to represent their country, proving that no one is beyond redemption.

Streetball is a story of hope and of the resilience that dwells within the human spirit. But while these men’s dreams are simply to have a home and to be recognized as people who need care, often times the realization of those dreams is accompanied by a sobering reality.

With a soundtrack comprised entirely of South African artists including UjU, Jitsvinger, The Rudimentals, Kgafela oa Magogodi and ETC Crew, Streetball often reads as an extended music video.


by Ignacio Tamayo
Documusical from Cape Verdean – 80min
Screening time: 5:45pm

Beti lives in her homeland - Cape Vert - where she is a dancer in the company Raiz di Polon.
When she is o_ered the chance to join a Cape Verdean music show in Lisbon and launch a new career for herself in Portugal, it sets o_ a deep and essentially Cape Verdean con_ict inside - the identity constructed over the centuries by the diaspora of her people.

Doubts and feelings of melancholy and homelessness hang over her and accompany her as she attempts to make her decision. It is the same internal con_ict experienced by every Cape Verdean between the desire to leave and the wish to go home. All of this is expressed through music, the hallmark of the Cape Verdean people.


Coach Lenny

a film by Neal Sundstrom
Drama from South Africa – 90min.
Screening time: 7:30pm

On Lenny’s birthday, his life changes radically: he loses his job, his wife, and his position as coach of the soccer team at the local school. Just when it seems things couldn’t get worse, he finds himself tied up in a trunk of a car and dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

Lenny stumbles on a tribal village where he meets the chief, who is in a tough spot – a corporation wants his ancestral land and the outcome of a soccer match will settle the dispute. With the future at stake, the Chief is convinced that Lenny is the key.

Finding Lenny is a feel-good soccer comedy that has the balls to score big where it matters most – in the heart.

Film selection from 2009

Stolen Kisses – OPENING FILM

A film by Director Khaled EL Hagar.

Kobolat Masroka - Stolen kisses is a film about youth problems , unemployment, sexual frustration , prostitution , and violence in Cairo; and how young people feel that they cannot marry , and they cannot have jobs , or have normal sexual life , , it’s all about stolen dreams and hopes , The film won 8 international acting awards at Alexandria film festival , 2008 and was number one at the Egyptian box office , the film is still running in Cinema in Egypt until now.

For the fourth month , Stolen Kisses was the most controversial and talked about film in the press in Egypt and Arab counties last year for its direct way of talking about young people and the amount of kisses and sexual scenes which never shown before in Egyptian Cinema , the director Khaled el Hagar got some death threat in some internet sites from fanatics and he did sue one of them to remove the death threat , and they did finally.

Secret Kisses has won 8 acting awards at the Alex International Film Festival 2008. Khaled EL Hagar has won 32 awards in total from the 17 films he has done since 1989.

Film Program 1

Dancing on the Edge

A film by Director Karen Boswell


Dancing on the Edge is set in rural Mozambique, where traditional gender roles and poverty influence the fight to contain the spread of AIDS. Antonietta is HIV positive and works as an AIDS counselor in the city. But she takes her one healthy daughter to a remote village for initiation into sexuality. After a week of rituals and lessons on how to please a man, the daughter will become a woman and consequently be put at risk to contact HIV. Antonietta struggles with the contradictions of maintaining traditional customs while adapting to the reality of the modern world.

Dancing on the Edge has won 3 international awards for best documentary, and audience awards

Timbila Muzimba

A film by Director Karen Boswell


Mozambique is well known for its vast and vibrant cultural richness. This film tells the story of Timbila Muzimba, a group of young musicians who have dedicated themselves to creating new and creative rhythms to help further develop the unique music and culture of his country. One of the country’s premier group, Timbila Muzimba successfully blends traditional instruments such as Timbila, African drum another percussion with modern influences for unique and energetic combination of rhythms and sounds.

Jeux D’Enfants (Children’s Games)

A film by Director Mohamed Ben Becher


Monika and Malek are two sisters, living together in an apartment in the downtown of Tunis. They share their daily life with Samy, a childhood friend. Everything falls apart when Sofyene, the son of AM (uncle) Ibrahim, who is the owner of the building, re-appears after a long absence in France.

He is also the childhood friend with whom Monia, Malek & Samy shared an important part of their life… Their childhood’s love and friendship that was buried and never was admitted, but to resurface.

This film is a world premier for Director Mohamed Ben Becher

Film Program 2

Democracy in Dakar

A film by Directors Ben Herson, Magee McIlvaine & Chris Moore


Democracy in Dakar is an award winning documentary film about hip-hop youth and politics in Dakar Senegal. The film follows rappers, DJ’s, journalists, professors and people on the street at the time before during and after the controversial 2007 presidential election in Senegal and examines hip-hop’s role on the political process. Originally shot as a seven part documentary mini-series released via the internet – the documentary bridges the gap between hip-hop activism, video journalism and documentary film and explores the role of youth and musical activism on the political process.

Democracy in Dakar has won 5 international awards, including best Documentary, and Audience Choice

Jesus the Giant

A film by Director Akin Omotoso


In Johannesburg, Jesus, a special woman, has to choose between caring for her badly beaten friend or take revenge on the brutal “Giant” who abused her.

Film Program 3 - FREE Public Screening!!


A film by Director JJ Van Rensburg


“Intonga” is the heart warming story of Siviwe, a young man from Fort Beaufort, and his fight for acceptance when he and his mother move to the city after his father dies. This stick fighter from Fort Beaufort is confronted by a local champion boxer “Knuckles”, after his girlfriend Thando shows too much interest in Siviwe. A twist of fate introduces Siviwe to Father Duze who is the local priest and he befriends Siviwe. After too many confrontations with Knuckles, Siviwe decides to take him on at his game, boxing. This is when he meets Bra Sam, a legendary boxing trainer. The priest, the trainer, a secret mentor, and Siviwe begin preparations for the upcoming amateur boxing tournament. The main theme of the film is the rich culture of boxing that is so prevalent to the Mdantsane area.

Intonga is a simple and beautiful African story full of love, confrontations, stunning scenery and many valuable life lessons that will entertain the whole family.

This is a World Premier film for the Toronto African Film & Music Festival. This film was also done in the Xhosa language

Film Program 4


A film by Director Chike C. Nwoffiah


An African American hip-hop girl resists the ancestral call of the Senegalese dance “Sabar”. When she finally gives in, she discovers more than a dance – she finds herself.

Film Program 5

Le Pčlerin de Camp Nou

A film by Director Abakar Chene Massar


A young soccer player, Majid, Captain of a soccer team in a small town in Chad, enters a duel of wits with his own coach over the heart of the team president’s daughter, Faiza. A steadfast supporter of F.C. Barcelona and consumed with his own dream of playing international soccer, Majid is left to embrace hi dream in a sad and sorrowful mania.

This film is a Toronto Premier for the Toronto African Film & Music Festival

Has God Forsaken Africa? - CLOSING FILM

A film by Director Musa Dieng Kala


Brussels, August 1999. Two teenagers from Guinea are found dead in the undercarriage of a plane from Conakry. “There’s too much suffering in Africa”, explains a letter in the pocket of one of the young men. Each year, thousands of young Africans like them risk their lives to flee a continent scourged by war and endemic poverty. Many drown or die of cold, hunger and fatigue. Shocked by this growing phenomenon, Musa Dieng Kala returns to his country’s capital with the sore question: “Has God Forgotten Africa?” The answer is bitter.


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