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Well people.. the time has come. I called and asked for help to over 2,000 people and companies, and nothing, no support other than good luck, or I will buy tickets to come out (never happened).
So with this, I give sad news, that I am canceling the festival for 2017. We fell short only $3500. but I could not get any nibbles. we were short over $10,000 back in August, and now only short $3500. This was part of up front costs that cannot wait.
I want to say thanks for the many volunteers, and people who became my friend on the different social media platforms, and the huge moral support I have been given this year. But it was simply not enough.
The festival is not dead, just cancelled for 2017. All me and my staff can do is plan for 2018 and keep going. This festival is part of my life that I will never let go and will keep going until I cannot. I will never give up, and just because I have fallen, it only means I will get up and try again.
I want to thank, the filmmakers and the sponsors like Idievue.com, iPitch.tv and CreativeDeals.com, KYConcierge.ca, and the others who came to support. I wish all the best for everyone, thanks to all.

Paris Roger
Executive Director
Toronto African Film & Music Festival

For more information please email us at info "at" torontoafricanfilmmusicfest.com.


The Toronto African Film & Music Festival
494 Mortimer Avenue, Suite 102
Toronto, Ontario M4J 2G7
info [at] torontoafricanfilmmusicfest [dot] com

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